Do you have questions you'd like answered to help you decide if self-publishing is right for you? Have you considered self-publishing but felt uncertain about the best way to begin? Are there specific circumstances unique to your situation that you want to discuss?

We can do it. Bring your dreams, we'll draw you a map. 
Tell me your challenge and together we'll find an actionable solution that works for YOU.

Step 1. Save your spot at the webinar.

Step 2. Use the registration form you'll receive via email to pose your questions which I'll answer during the session.

Step 3. Join the webinar 10 minutes before the event begins—I'll remind you as the date gets near. 

Step 4. Decide the next steps on YOUR author journey!

There are other payment options available at checkout.

Attending this webinar costs less than a fancy coffee, but if you really feel you can't afford it and would like to attend, I invite you to Apply for a fellowship.
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